You Can Help Protect Chicago’s Water

The Cook County Board will soon consider a proposed ordinance (Item 16-1983) governing the safe disposal of pharmaceuticals in Cook County. The goal of this measure is to build upon and expand an existing collection program administered by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department so that there are no “collection deserts” in Cook County and to require the producers of pharmaceutical drugs to provide financial support for the free and accessible collection of unwanted or expired pharmaceuticals for all County residents. The Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with a public advisory committee, will enforce and oversee implementation of the ordinance.

Providing safe, secure and readily accessible collection sites for unused and expired meds is important both from a public safety perspective but also in protecting our water environment. Similar ordinances have already been introduced or implemented in several counties in California and Washington State, as well as a number of other countries. Your advocacy to secure passage of this measure can help move the needle nationally on this critically important issue, while potentially saving lives here at home.

Show your support by calling, writing or emailing members of the Cook County Board – your own representative and others – and encourage them to support the ordinance.


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