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Meet Richie!
Ale Syndicate launches their new brew,
Triple Barrel Aged Imperial Porter.
They've aged their bold, chocolaty, roasty Richie Imperial Porter in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked whiskey barrels from Kentucky, followed by Nicaraguan rum barrels, and finished in Chicago's own Koval rye barrels. The result tastes like nothing we've ever experienced before.
The Richie Imperial Porter has been named Chicago's "Best Porter" by Chicago Magazine, and the Nation's Top 3 Porter by Paste Magazine. Don't hesitate to pick up some Richie's today at your local Binny's Beverage Depot and other fine establishments today!
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Coyote Press | GX Community News
Coyote Provides 30,000 Bottles of Water to Flint Residents
“We were able help the people of Flint today,” said CEO Jeff Silver, “and I’m incredibly proud of what our Coyotes have helped to achieve today and every day.”


via Debra Shore, MWRD Commissioner | Environmental News
Help Protect Chicago's Water Supply!
The Cook County Board will soon consider a proposed ordinance (Item 16-1983) governing the safe disposal of pharmaceuticals in Cook County. The goal of this measure is to build upon and expand an existing collection program administered by the Cook County Sheriff's Department so that there are no "collection deserts" in Cook County.


Liz Clayton via Sprudge | Arbor Projects | GX Community News
Inside the Ambitious Coffee World of Arbor Chicago
Bespoke dining. Onsite garden. Tonka beans. "Midwestern Omakase". A LEED-certified mixed-use warehouse. Aioli of the day. Illinois farro. Bees. Chicago's enigmatic, ambitious, and approachable Arbor truly has it all-that, and a coffee program. 


Community Spotlight
The Rainforest Learning Center chicken coop has chickens - they will be visiting for a day at a time while they get used to their new home and will be back full time this spring. These are the second generation of the Chickens that were actually hatched in the Green Exchange three years ago and raised by the students at Rainforest. You are invited to come say hello! 
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