Community Youth Group Cleans the Square

As the weather stays warm, Chicagoans spend increasingly more time outdoors. From festivals to farmers markets, Chicago’s public green spaces see a lot more traffic. In anticipation of a busy summer full of outdoor activities, local youth spent a day cleaning up the Logan Square monument, the surrounding square, and the nearby Paseo Garden.

For this particular cleanup, all the volunteers are young people who have received support from La Casa Norte, a local community organization. La Casa Norte is dedicated to youth and families confronting homelessness, operating two shelters in Logan Square as well as a drop-in center that delivers essential services, and provides meals and programming to the community in need. This spring they offered an employment program called Growing Gourmet which taught urban gardening, cooking, and nutrition information in preparation for careers in food services. The cleanup was an important piece to the end of their program, a day in which

You can visit La Casa Norte’s website at for more information about the organization and ways to get involved.

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