A Match Made in Chicago

Ale Syndicate is a craft brewery co-founded by brothers Jesse and Sam Evans located at 2601 W. Diversey on the Green Exchange campus.  The brothers take great pride in brewing their award winning beer with natural ingredients.

Just down the road, a few blocks north of Green Exchange on Rockwell Street, Metropolis Coffee Company roasts coffee beans in another project that Baum Revision is currently redeveloping. The company roasts and sells wholesale coffee and also runs a café of their own (located at 1039 West Granville Avenue).

What do these two local businesses have in common? They’re working together to produce an all-natural cold-brew coffee. The coffee is roasted by Metropolis, and then brewed and bottled at Ale Syndicate.

“Ale Syndicate is a dream partner – rarely do you meet such positive, hardworking, authentic, and lovely human beings as the Evans brothers. Sam in particular has taken this project as his pet, and we now have close to 100 venues selling our cold brew around Chicago and the greater Midwest.” – Tony Dreyfuss, Co-Owner of Metropolis Coffee

The companies are enthusiastic about working together to create something that they both love. Tony Dreyfuss, co-owner of Metropolis Coffee tells us, “We decided to develop this cold brew around a year ago because I had never tasted a cold brew that I liked – I felt that we could do better than the status quo… We experimented with 130+ test batches before we finally landed on something that I am proud to call Metropolis Cold Brew.”

Ale Syndicate and Metropolis’ partnership creating cold-brew coffee gives these companies an extra special touch, and gives their customers an extra caffeine boost. Their cold-brew coffee is now being sold in stores throughout the Midwest. Check out who carries Metropolis Cold Brew here!

Image courtesy of Metropolis Coffee



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