Logan Square’s Best Kept Culinary Secret

Arbor Restaurant makes waves with "utterly of the moment," delicious meals in CS Magazine's review
Arbor Midwestern Omakase
Arbor's Midwestern Omakase Features an Array of Creative, Custom Dishes


n the northern edge of Logan Square, tucked away on the second floor of Green Exchange, lies Arbor, a first-of-its-kind restaurant, café, and bar. In case you haven't heard, Arbor has been impressing Chicagoans citywide with creative, fresh, sustainable and delicious meals. It is no surprise then that the unique eatery has garnered accolades from Fooditor, The New York Times, Chicago Magazine, ABC 7, DNAInfo, Chicago Eater, The Week Magazine, Crain’s Chicago Business, QSR Magazine, and now Modern Luxury’s own CS Magazine.

Arbor is featured in an exclusive article by Lisa Shames in the June 2016 edition of CS Magazine. In the two-page spread, Shames relishes in her experience at Arbor, sharing every delicious detail of her culinary voyage led by Chefs Leonard Hollander & Chad Little. She begins with the caveat that Arbor is not quite your ‘typical’ Chicago dining experience, and that when you go see for yourself, well the menu will be something different entirely. Shames does not seem put off by this realization, rather finding the “limited-edition quality” of the food to be “part of the charm of this innovative spot”. If you frequent Arbor, or even follow them on social media, you will see what she means.

Despite being an once-in-a-lifetime spread, Shames loved her meal, a five-course Midwestern Omakase, which is Arbor’s own ultra-custom dinner option available on Thursdays and Fridays. She loved the five creative courses starting with warm housemade bread, moving on to a gorgeous asparagus and sweet pea soup over a sheep-milk fritter, followed by a Korean pancake and gin-cured salmon, and finally a decadent dark chocolate mousse for dessert.

Sure, you could just order from the small rotating walk-in menu and try dishes such as grilled halibut ribs and fried basmati. But why would you when… you could have a three-, five-, or seven-course meal created just for you? Which is made even better when said correspondence from the restaurant ends with ‘This will be fun and easy!’
          -Lisa Shames

Click here to read the full story & discover what CS Magazine has to say about Arbor’s amazing meals, and be sure to visit Arbor soon to see for yourself! For more information on the Midwestern Omakase & to make reservations visit Arbor's website.


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