How to Brew Your Best Cup of Coffee at Home


The key to a great cup of coffee is controlling the variables. Arbor’s own Chad Little teaches us how to perfect our coffee making technique so that we can enjoy cup after delicious cup at home.

Chad’s Top Tips

You Will Need

1 Water Kettle
34 oz. French Press
1 Kitchen Scale (Optional, but highly recommended)
60 g. Coffee, ground for French Press
1 l. Bottled Spring Water, with Minerals (150ppm is ideal)
1 Spoon

We used a 34 oz. French Press, which is perfect for two people or two large cups of coffee. This size works well for using the 60 grams coffee to 1 liter water ratio. If you have a different size French Press, you can use to 1 part coffee to 14 parts water rule. For example, if you have weighed out 1 ounce of ground coffee you would need 14 fluid ounces of water to brew it.

Remember: measuring by weight is the only way to be precise.


  1. Heat water to 210 degrees (F)
  2. Remove the lid & plunger from the french press, and set aside
  3. Add the coffee grounds to the french presss & pour the hot water over the grounds
  4. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes
  5. The grounds will rise to the top and form a crust – give the grounds and water a quick stir to break the crust
  6. Insert the lid and plunger, and press down
  7. Let the coffee sit for 3 minutes so all of the superfine grains settle
  8. Pour & enjoy!

Tips: The coffee will taste best when consumed at 120 degrees or less (just above body temperature), which will allow you to experience all the delicate flavors. If your coffee tastes bitter it under extracted; if it tastes like aspirin it is over extracted. Use taste cues to perfect your method, and remember that coffee is a ritual. Practice makes perfect.


About the Author:

Arbor Projects represents the combined efforts of Chad Little & Leonard Hollander who run the hyperlocal Arbor restaurant located on the second floor of the Green Exchange.