Links of the Week


June 12th-18th


This week was a hot one here in Chicago! Good thing we have the refreshing lake breeze to keep us cool.

Here are our picks of the hottest internet stories from this week.


This T-shirt Changes Colors in Response to Water Pollution

Here’s a shirt that allows you to make an environmental and fashion statement at the same time. This t-shirt changes colors in response to the pH of the water it is washed in. Now you will be able to tell the state of your local water source by the color of your shirt.

Principle to Students: Here’s $100 If You Can Ditch Your Phone

Would you give up all technology for 24 hours in exchange for $100? This Washington D.C. principal is challenging her 8th and 9th grade students to shut down all their electronic devices for a day, and instead read a book or play outside. If they can complete her challenge a $100 reward will be theirs.

This Floating Water Park Is About To Open In Lake Michigan

The steamy summer temperatures have us craving a cooling swim in the lake. This floating water park that both kids and adults will enjoy takes swimming in Lake Michigan to a whole new level.