Links of the Week


June 19th-25th



June sure is flying by! Summer is officially here, and we can not wait to take advantage of the extended sunshine and warmer temperatures. 

Here are some of our favorite links from this week that helped to brighten our mood!

This Chicago School Keeps 90 Percent Of Its Lunch Trash Out Of The Landfill


Teaching kids to be environmentally smart at a young age is key for cultivating good habits. We love that this Lincoln Square elementary school implemented composting into their students daily routines.


Why Starbucks brewed up a green bond

Two of our favorite things here at Green Exchange are green business and coffee. Now we can have our coffee and drink it too! Starbuck’s  corporate sustainability bond resulted in the integration between their global sustainability and corporate strategies.


How to make sun tea

No energy is required for this slower, cooler brewing method that results in perfect iced tea.

Embrace the summer sunshine in this fun and easy way to brew the perfect ice tea. All you need is a jar of water, tea leaves, and a sunny window sill.

40 brilliant idioms that simply can’t be translated literally

http://40 brilliant idioms that simply can’t be translated literally

There is nothing better than a good idiom, and goodness knows the English language is full of some weird ones! Have you ever wondered what kinds of idioms exist in other languages? TED brings you 40 fantastically strange idioms from other languages. For a fun challenge make your friends and family try to guess their meanings!