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Summer Vibes with Five Courses with
Pairings Inspired by F.R.D.W.O.G.Y.N.D.

(Five Ridiculously Delicious Wines of Greece You Never Drink)

As an outpouring of our obsessive approach to creating memorable experiences for our guests within the confines of the Midwestern Omakase, we have been wanting to design a onetime thematically focused evening.

This Friday the 15th of July at 7pm, we will bring you on a flavor journey picking up flavors you have never noticed before. For all the guests who have raved about loving the wine pairings, this is not one to miss. The inception of the menu came from us tasting  some of the most fantastic Grecian wines with Sotiris Bafitis, of Verity wines in D.C. who is doing for Grecian wines what Louis Dressner does for French. He is coming to Chicago to collaborate with us for the evening of Friday July 15th at 7pm. $90 all in, tax and tip included (realtime-dealtime)

We would love to share the menu with you:

Scallop, crenshaw melon risotto,

green olive vinaigrette, radish

-Antonopoulos Vineyard’s Adoli Ghis, 2014  (65% Lagorthi , 35% Asproudes)

Fennel baklava, pickled shrimp, lemon,

gooseberry, candied walnut

-Artemis Karamalengos winery’s Art Santorini Assyrtiko, 2014 (100% Assyrtiko)

Strawberry watermelon, rose vinegar, grilled feta,

black garlic, raspberry puffed rice

-Dio Fili Estate’s Xinomavro Rose, 2014 (85% Xinomavro, 15% Moschomavro)

Xinomavro braised pork cheek, barbietola,

kvass paint, bull’s blood

-Oenos 2012 Xinomavro, Naoussa, 2012 (100% Xinomavro)

Goat milk cheesecake, hazelnut oat crust,

lemon-elderflower brulee, Ari’s olive oil

-Antonopoulos Vineyards Moschofilero,  2014 (100% Moschofilero)

We wanted to keep it simple and wrapped up the tax and tip in the prices with sending people to buy tickets online at  www.arborprojects.com  Pretty straightforward. We are hoping to see some of our regulars who comment about how much they love the wine pairings as this menu is cooked heavily into wines from Green we were blown away with.We promise we won’t be sending you spam. We love getting emails from people but hate getting a mass amount of email clutter we have no intention of reading. Our goal with this email group is to gather people who want to hear about events and one off announcements before anyone else. It is like a first dibs club for our Arbor family.

Come share some new flavors with us,

Chad and Leonard