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An Afternoon in West Humboldt Park: Food Films, Farm Tour & Tasting

The event highlights two facilities, within a few blocks of each other, in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. The afternoon will start at Silent Funny (4106 W. Chicago Ave.), a living and breathing arts space and community hub. Visitors will arrive at 2pm and can view the art surrounding the building. At 2:30pm, we’ll begin the screening of the Real Food Films, highlighting short films that were selected award winners in this year’s Real Food Films competition.

At 3:30pm, we’ll walk over to Metropolitan Farms (4250 W. Chicago Ave.) for a tour and tasting. Metropolitan Farms began erecting its site on a vacant industrial lot about 3 years ago. Using aquaponic systems, they grow thousands of plants at a time, using nutrients gleaned from the tilapia water. They’ve developed a unique and advanced system.

A tasting of pan-seared tilapia and vibrant salad mix will be prepared by Chef in the Hood, Ramona Baptiste. Chef Ramona will showcase some easy things you can do to prepare these hyper-local ingredients using items commonly found at home!

2pm, Doors open at Silent Funny; Casual viewing of art in and around space
2:30pm, Real Food Film screening begins
3:30pm, Walk to Metropolitan Farms
3:45pm, Tour of Metropolitan Farms by founder, followed by tasting from Chef in the Hood and casual convo


Get tickets here: http://bit.ly/2bUjJvM

About Silent Funny:

Silent Funny is a living and breathing arts space and community hub in Chicago’s West Humboldt Park. The 5,000 square foot building inspires and informs the work created and shown by the artists who work with us. Our neighbors and Chicago at large have been part of making us a distinct space with a dynamic and evolving impact. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

About Metropolitan Farms:

Metropolitan Farms’ mission is to grow fresh food in the city where it is eaten. We believe this will result in a healthier, more secure and environmentally sustainable food system. MF is an aquaponic facility built over concrete, converting a vacant industrial site into a productive growing space. Aquaponic farming combines fish farming and a hydroponic growing system into one extremely efficient and clean facility. Fish waste in the form of Ammonia is converted by naturally occurring bacteria into nitrates which are used by plants as nutrients cleansing the water for recirculation back to the fish. Products include a variety of greens, herbs, and tilapia.

About Chef in the Hood:

Ramona Baptiste is a chef and nutrition specialist, and her focus is on healthy, nutritious cooking. She mixes her family’s cooking traditions with flavorful options that suit not only her palette but also address the needs of her community, which she feels could be better educated about food choices.