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For our second end-of-summer trick: a *vegetarian* urban farm dinner at Patchwork Farms on West Chicago Avenue in Humboldt Park. Patchwork Farms has been acting modestly and subversively on behalf of socially-conscious eaters for years. And a vegetarian pop-up dinner is a great way to continue that tradition. Cristy and Jesse from Farmer’s Fridge will make magic from dirt… because vegetarians are from the future.

Join us at 4pm on Sunday, September 25th for a tour of Patchwork Farms and a delicious vegetarian farm dinner to follow.

$40 for a 4-course dinner of vegetables and greens pulled from the very ground you’ll tread upon. BYO Bottle of Whatever Makes Your Garden Grow Tipsy

In the kitchen _ Cristy Alvarado and Jesse Szewczyk / Farmer’s Fridge

On the table _


At the farm _

Katie & Molly




Dinosaur (Kale)

On the speakers _ Gypsy Kings; Buena Vista Social Club; Jorge Ben; La Bamba; Neil Young