On Empathy, Good Food, and the Obama Legacy

Jason Hammel of Pilot Light and Lula Cafe writes about the growing need to take a compassionate approach to changing kids' relationships to food. Building on the work of the Obama Administration, Hammel has created a nonprofit organization named Pilot Light to help children make healthier choices and connect the food they eat to what they learn in school.

Dog Day Afternoon BBQ

Join Ale Syndicate & ACTIVE Dog Daycare & Boarding for their first fundraising event, with all proceeds benefiting Peace for Pits dog rescue.

LoganSquarist Taco Crawl

Join us again for the LoganSquarist Taco Crawl! Whether you're a taco lover, a drink aficionado or Logan Square enthusiast, you don't want

LoganSquarist Neighborhood Meetup

Join your friends & neighbors this for this month's Neighbor Meetup at Logan Square’s Middle Eastern dining experience, Masada! LoganSquarist’s first and

Chicago Farmers Markets 2016

Only one mile away from Green Exchange lies the Logan Square Farmers Market - considered by many to be the best in the city. Make this Sunday a Farmers Market Day!